Thus God swears his servants to … But this is incorrect! (2). This reinforces the importance of feminism and the well treatment of women. Genesis 3:23-24. The text we're studying for Sunday, November 18 is Genesis 28, the story of "Jacob's ladder." Abraham's servant went home with Laban, where Laban's servants unloaded his camels and gave them straw and feed. Gen 4,26: Auch dem Set wurde ein Sohn geboren und er nannte ihn Enosch. "No!" Then Rebekah covered her face with her veil. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window). (1-4) Abraham sends out a servant to seek out a bride for his son. The servant is bound by an oath to do his utmost to get a wife for Isaac among his relations, Genesis 24:3,4. If the woman refuses to come along, you don't have to keep this promise. The servant tells Rebekah’s family EVERYTHING that happened up to that point (vs.34–49). Do they prioritise their wives in a way befitting the change to name? Come home with me. "Yes," she answered. Sin was introduced and destroyed man's relationship with God, so God drove man out of the Garden. Genesis 24:1-9.A MARRIAGE COMMISSION. When Rebekah had finished bringing the water, he gave her the ring for her nose and the bracelets for her arms. In return, our faithfulness brings Him joy, He is comforted in knowing that we are the prize for His sufferings, a part of the glory that lay ahead and the ultimate gift from the father. Remember Christ and the Church. Genesis 24:1–67 Isaac and Rebekah. For example, there are many families who agree to a marriage only to later demand that the bride is pregnant before marriage as evidence of her fertility, as they want to guarantee their son will be able to foster children to continue the family line. The first is that of many friends, family members, etc. I would call this chapter, “Promises, Prayers, and Providence” if I were to title it. This may not be the case in every situation but where there is a male guardian in a woman’s life, they must not be isolated from her decision, they too should play a role just as Laban did. As Christians who have been born again under a covenant (just like Abraham), we too live in the world with many real options and possibilities but we are not from the world, nor do we abide by its systems or cultures, so we shouldn’t seek them out as options for marriage. Genesis 9:24. We have no choice in the matter. 22:13). Gen 24,25: Weiter sagte sie zu ihm: Stroh und Futter haben wir reichlich, auch Platz zum Übernachten. There is always a male in every Christian woman’s life that is responsible for them, no matter how distant and even if it is not a family member but someone in the church who is like a spiritual father. Then they got on camels and left with Abraham's servant and his men. Sie gebar einen Sohn und nannte ihn Set (Setzling); denn sie sagte: Gott setzte mir anderen Nachwuchs ein / für Abel, weil ihn Kain erschlug. . This is very symbolic. 24. God is indeed creating a Family modeled after His own characteristics, but not all Godlike characteristics are found in one sex or gender, any more than they are found in one race. Instead of clinging to his mother, he chooses to love his wife instead and allows her to comfort him. God repeatedly … Continue reading "Commentary on Genesis 2:18-24" THE CONTEXT. Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. They said, “let her remain with us for 10 days or so” (vs. 55). When he got there, he let the camels rest near the well outside the city. Kérastase GENESIS DEFENSE bei flaconi Versand in 1-2 Tagen, kostenlos ab 19€ Große Auswahl 2 Gratisproben | Jetzt Kérastase GENESIS DEFENSE online bestellen! Reflections is based on my personal devotional journals from a daily practice of reading through the Bible chapter by chapter. The servant prayed: You, LORD, are the God my master Abraham worships. Believers must be alert as we watch and pray. Share. Instead, go back to the land where I was born and find a wife for my son from among my relatives. It appears as an editorial comment made as the writer reflected upon the account of the creation of Eve.2 But the verse is no mere footnote; in a sense, it is the apex of the story of the creation of human beings. CHAPTER 24. . Christmas Reflections On Genesis. Noah knew — Either by the information of his sons, or by divine inspiration, what his younger son, (Hebrews his son, הקשׂן, the younger, or little one,) had done unto him. MONDAY Reflections. Share. Abraham answered, "Here I am, LORD." Genesis 2:24. What I first thought was that there were many repetitions, such as Abraham saying Sarah was his sister, or making a covenant. Then Laban said, "The LORD has brought you safely here. She quickly poured out water for them, and she kept going back for more, until his camels had drunk all they wanted. While he was still praying, a beautiful unmarried young woman came by with a water jar on her shoulder. As the servant’s story clearly revealed a divine will, so also in this day and age, the backstory will often reveal any red-flags that determine whether there is a divine will for the marriage or not. In the providence of God a wife for Isaac had already been provided long before the need had arisen. Then she quickly took the jar from her shoulder and held it while he drank. Take Rebekah with you, she can marry your master's son, just as the LORD has said.". Doing that is saying we want to become one flesh and one mind with them – which is absurd because they do not have the mind of Christ. Abraham is a type of the Father, Isaac of the Son, and the servant of the Holy Spirit. Once God has made us a promise, He will surely keep it. (vs.60). By Julia Blum December 24, 2020 6 comments. Rebekah tells the servant that there is room for him and his camels, (vs. 25). God takes care of the future in advance. This was a heavy task for a girl with only one jar and so many camels that drink a lot of water! This order should be followed in Christian marriages as it properly reflects the will of God the father for Christ and the Church. 25 God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds Genesis 24:1-9.A MARRIAGE COMMISSION. Reflection #1: The God of Creation. Now the servant remarks of Rebekah in vs.16 that she was beautiful (physically attractive), a virgin (a sign of her purity), and no man had slept with her –  this is more than in a physical sense, it is also emotional. While this sounds like a genuine concern, it is against the will of God and as such there would be no reason to agree to this compromise. It was late afternoon, the time when the women came out for water. The servant told Isaac everything that had happened. Throughout the Bible, God simply and clearly expounds upon the results of sin.. John W. Ritenbaugh Once Rebekah’s family accepted, the servant once again bowed his head and thanked the Lord for favour and success and bestowed gifts upon the family (vs. 52 – 53). She quickly lowered the jar from her shoulder and said, "Have a drink. Thus God swears his servants to their work, that, having sworn, they may perform it. The tragic results are evident for anyone to see! Now Abraham was old, well advanced in age; and the LORD had blessed Abraham in all things. Their relationship was broken. ( Log Out /  This is to show that although she had been brought as his betrothed wife, blessed and given permission by her family, she was still holding to her purity until she fully became his wife, not just in name alone but in every sense of the word. But what the typical person might not know so well is Genesis 2, the second creation story. "I'll be glad to," she answered. He loved her and was comforted over the loss of his mother. The Danger of The Ruth & Boaz Narrative In Defining Christian Relationships. Tuesday, August 16, 2011. Genesis 2:24 is masterfully placed in the text of the Bible’s first book. Genesis 24 WEEK 11 Genesis 24 . So he started toward them. As long as we remain in conversation with God, we will surely receive an answer on the issue! Canaan is thought by many to be chiefly intended. Blessings All Around. Reflections on Genesis 2:24 - the Marriage Scripture 257 3 0. by rjrodda. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Reflection For Genesis In The Beginning. Then he set out for the city in northern Syria, where Abraham's brother Nahor lived. Please let us know how you find it. Upon hearing Rebekah’s consent, her family blessed her as she left, and what a blessing it was indeed! Reflections is based on my personal devotional journals from a daily practice of reading through the Bible chapter by chapter. Soon after that, the servant loaded ten of Abraham's camels with valuable gifts. If she gives me a drink and offers to get some water for my camels, I'll know she is the one you have chosen.". God repeatedly … Continue reading "Commentary on Genesis 2:18-24" make herself vulnerable, emotionally attached to him or engage in lustful thoughts and actions towards him, even though they were engaged. The servant leaves loaded with all sorts of good gifts from the master. Once more, the details of what happened were relayed by the servant to the master. (vs. 66). Have faith that God is on your side and will provide a spouse that meets His standards, no need to compromise or disobey Him. Abraham lived in a heathen land with many possible daughters that could be a wife for Isaac, but he was not of/from them. Servanthood. When a young woman comes out to get water, I'll ask her to give me a drink. I asked her who her father was, and she answered, "My father is Bethuel the son of Nahor and Milcah." Two Creation Stories and Two Portrayals of God In Genesis 1, God is portrayed as speaking from afar, bringing order out of chaos in a well planned and carefully structured progression of six days of creation. Then I bowed my head and gave thanks to the God my master Abraham worships. The servant explained: I am Abraham's servant. Reflections on the text – Genesis 24 Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; July 05, 2014 Read the text here: Genesis 24:1-67. Should I send Isaac there to look for a wife?". Genesis 22 (Contemporary English Version) ; Some years later God decided to test Abraham, so he spoke to him. "He is my master Isaac," the servant answered. It’s a new method of bible study we’re trying out, which is very different to the usual writing style on our blog. The story so far has revealed a divine process: The Father sends out His Holy Spirit to look for a worthy bride for His son. As Isaac is a forerunner of Christ, this is a symbol that the bride of Christ must not be unequally yoked to Him. Her heart was unpolluted and uncorrupted, it had not been “slept with”, she bore no soul-ties to any past lovers. Then I'll get water for your camels." He stands firm and deals with them. If we do not want to be brides of the master, then He is content to let us have our way and remain in our singleness. This is an inference to how the Holy Spirit is loaded with good and perfect gifts from the Father (James 1:17). 1. In this chapter, we see the promises Abraham made his servant make concerning getting a wife for Isaac. Wednesday, March 26, 2008 Genesis 24 Post was not sent - check your email addresses! She was Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel, the son of Abraham's brother Nahor and his wife Milcah. Her brother Laban heard her tell what the servant had said, and he saw the ring and the bracelets she was wearing. Then the servant bowed his head and prayed, "I thank you, LORD God of my master Abraham! A good wife or the sign of a good wife is demonstrated through character, a woman willing to go the extra mile. On the other hand, sometimes the lack of consent from either family can be a sign that the match is not of God. Like Rebekah, the Church as a bride cannot be forced into a relationship with the Son. Instead, go back to the land where I was born and find a wife for him from among my relatives. It appears that Laban’s family have been cunning from day 1, therefore it is no surprise that Jacob (one of Rebekah’s twin sons later born to Isaac) inherits this trait from his mother’s side of the family. Abraham’s servant asked for a sign (vs. 11 – 14) through a test of character. Genesis 2:24. Genesis 24 fits into the book of Genesis as a whole considering central questions such as … Continue reading "Commentary on Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67" gone into days. Remember that when two-or-more people unite with one mind, they can accomplish anything (Genesis 11), this is why there must be unity of values in every marriage. Reflection #4: A Day is a Day in Genesis 1. The LORD had made him rich, and he was successful in everything he did. In Genesis 2:24, when the marriage covenant is ordained, man and woman are designated as "one flesh"—one unit. But don't ever take my son back there.". Genesis 24 – A Bride for Isaac A. Abraham’s commission to his servant. The LORD has been good to my master and has made him very rich. Abraham's servant and the men with him ate and drank, then spent the night there. As this is a verse-by-verse study, it is best to read this post with the actual bible text close by. in the name of the LORD, who rules heaven and earth, that you won't choose a wife for my son Isaac from the people here in the land of Canaan. Rebekah did exactly as the servant prayed for and he watched her closely (vs.17-21). Questions for Reflection and Discussion – Genesis 24 Date: October 26, 2018 HAT 0 Comments The text we’re studying for Sunday, October 28, is Genesis 24, and in particular the sections of the narrative that focus on what Rebekah does and says. Gen 4,24: Wird Kain siebenfach gerächt, / dann Lamech siebenundsiebzigfach.. Eating and drinking do not come before the mission. Genesis chapter 24 This is another chapter all about trusting God, because here Abraham does not want his son, Isaac, to marry a local Canaanite woman, but instead would rather she marry one of his family. ( Log Out /  Abraham’s servant asked a valid question in vs.5. Right away I put the ring in her nose and the bracelets on her arms. Reflections on Genesis 49 Genesis 49 (Contemporary English Version) Jacob called his sons together and said: My sons, I am Jacob, your father Israel. The church must be WILLING to enter into a faithful relationship with her husband Jesus. Abraham answered. Or, the second account of creation. They are people who are about to become your life-long family if all goes well. It appears by Matthew 19:4-5, that it was God himself who said here, a man must leave all his relations to cleave to his wife; but whether he spake this by Moses or by Adam, is uncertain. While these are important truths, they are not the most important thing that Genesis 1 teaches. Respecting Christian Leaders: Are We Doing It The Biblical Way? "Don't ever do that, no matter what. Gen 24,24: Sie antwortete ihm: Ich bin die Tochter Betuëls, des Sohnes der Milka und des Nahor. Pray to God to lead you to those you can be honest with, to guide you with solid wisdom and advice as you make your decision over the proposal. Finally, Rebekah and Isaac comforting each other is symbolic of Christ and the Church comforting each other. Prayer is but a never ending conversation, so we must believe that our answers are already on the way from the moment we made our requests! ", I asked my master, "What if the young woman refuses to come with me?". But if they refuse to let her come back with you, then you are freed from your promise. It is important to watch closely. Genesis 18-22, 24 (Reflection) When I read this portion of the Bible, stream of thoughts were flowing in my head. He also gave expensive gifts to her brother and her mother. Proposals are not without gifts, even if there is no money, do what you can sincerely and hope that the family will appreciate your efforts. Rebekah walked past Abraham's servant, then went over to the well, and filled her water jar. So I drank, and after that she got some water for my camels. One day, Abraham called in his most trusted servant and said to him, "Solemnly promise me. When she started back, Abraham's servant ran to her and said, "Please let me have a drink of water.". Genesis 24-26 Selected Lectio Reading: Gen 25:19-23 Meditatio/Reflection: There are a couple of thoughts which spring to mind as I try to place myself in this passage. This blog post has been written in a verse by verse commentary style. Isaac & Rebekah: Reflections On Genesis 24. gossip4jesus / May 15, 2017 #MeditationMonday‬ – Out of the abundance of a man’s heart, his mouth speaks. After he had finished, she said, "Now I'll give your camels all the water they want." . Even before I had finished praying, Rebekah came by with a water jar on her shoulder. It was the city of Nahor in this sense. She had nobody on her mind, she was not lusting after anyone. (Read Genesis 24:1-9) The effect of good example, good teaching, and the worship of God in a family, will generally appear in the piety, faithfulness, prudence, and affection of the servants. So the servant gave Abraham his word that he would do everything he had been told to do. Just as the servant did not eat or drink, do not relax before the work is fully over (vs.49). Women, once the Holy Spirit begins to draw you to a well where you can serve and be found, submit and do not resist the will of the Father. Honesty before potential/future in-laws is very important. Love cannot be forced/forceful. Genesis One & Two Reflection Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Everyone knows this quote, and everyone understands the creation story, and how Genesis 1 explains it. Before the servant had finished praying… in his heart (vs.15, 45), Rebekah came his way! Now please tell me if you are willing to do the right thing for my master. The book of Genesis begins with two different but complementary stories of God’s creation of the world. I would call this chapter, “Promises, Prayers, and Providence” if I were to title it. . The word “kind,” which is employed in different senses in the Bible, is, in Genesis 1, almost certainly broader than our term “species,” yet it clearly suggests that all … Send to Friend. from the church), shall I compromise and settle for an unbeliever? Pingback: The Danger of The Ruth & Boaz Narrative In Defining Christian Relationships. vs.3 – “among who I am living”. The young women of the city will soon come to this well for water. And he told me, "Don't choose a wife for my son from the women in this land of Canaan. The book of Genesis begins with two different but complementary stories of God’s creation of the world. There must at least be gifts for any paternal/maternal guardians. It is important to have the blessing of a family in marriage. Bearing gifts, the servant sets off to confirm her identity and origins (vs. 22-23). God is the main actor or influence in this story. ( Log Out /  Afterwards, Rebekah and the young women who were to travel with her prepared to leave. 24 ... “Please tell me whose daughter you are. Reflections on Genesis. Just like the 5 wise virgins who went the extra mile in their preparation for the bridegroom by preparing extra oil, Rebekah went the extra mile by not only giving the servant water but also by feeding the camels also (vs. 17-20). Then he said, "Please tell me who your father is. They gave Rebekah their blessing and said, "We pray that God will give you many children and grandchildren and that he will help them defeat their enemies.". Always ask/pray for God to for a sign that reveals the true character of a person you intend to marry! As you grow in knowledge and understanding, may you be empowered to share your convictions with others. When the servant confirmed everything and was sure of his success, he gave praise to God (vs. 26-27) – we must never forget to thank/give glory and praise to God when we receive answers to our prayers, even if the answer is not what we were expecting! Be open with the right people. But the servant said, "Before I eat, I must tell you why I have come." He has given him many sheep, goats, cattle, camels, and donkeys, as well as a lot of silver and gold, and many slaves. "Go ahead and tell us," Laban answered. My hope is that these reflections will encourage other believers to study the Bible with confidence that it is well within the capacity of lay believers to comprehend. Gen 4,25: Adam erkannte noch einmal seine Frau. The Danger of The Ruth & Boaz Narrative In Defining Christian Relationships. We hammer that a woman leaves her old family and enforce this by changing her last name, but what about the men? Two men named Nahor were associated with this place: the grandfather of Abraham (Genesis 11:24-26) and the brother of Abraham (Genesis 11:26-29). I think it is easy to get so caught up in discussions about how we should interpret Genesis that we can miss out on the beauty that is revealed to us in it. Shall I disobey God? "Then she may go. To live in such families, or to have such servants, both are blessings from God … 15 Ways To Live Peacefully With God, Others & Ourselves. Note that Isaac had previously been mourning the death of His mother Sarah, who loved Him dearly, they had an incomparable relationship but Isaac is able to move forward from the loss of His mother to find comfort in His wife. 1 And Abraham was old, and well stricken in age: and the Lord had blessed Abraham in all things. The lectionary chooses to only include selections of this chapter, but the preacher would be well served to consider the whole of the narrative. Abraham’s immediate response: NO! Sarah, my master's wife, didn't have any children until she was very old. Scripture: Genesis 24 Reflection: As we start into another week we once more return to God's earliest dealings with humanity and look at the working out of His Covenant with Abraham. Jesus is there to comfort us – He overcame the world to bring us a lasting peace and remove all our worries. Rebekah’s actions truly showed the depth of kindness in her character. The Grace for Obedience: Lessons From The Garden Of Gethsemane. Rebekah saw him coming, she got down from her camel, and asked, "Who is that man?" Now it is imperative to discern between the two situations. Reflections on Genesis 24 Genesis 24 (Contemporary English Version) Abraham was now a very old man. The bible shows how mankind has a nature in which we are very competitive creatures, incredibly dynamic and unpredictable, and, considering certain situations, willing to rise against our own blood to gain something or merely prove a point. Reflection on Genesis chatpers 23-24 Sarah the great matriarch dies Isaac needs a wife - Rebekah comes One matriarch dies, another comes onto the scene There is … There is no need to worry about not being able to find a spouse amongst your own people, instead just trust God and obey. We can apply this to us and say – well what if I can’t find someone from my own people to marry me (i.e. As we take on His name and conform to His image, He loves and protects us above anything else. How does Abraham, Abraham's servant, Laban, and Buethel regard the role of God in this story according to the verses below? Abraham swears him to it, both for his own satisfaction, and for the engagement of his servant to all possible care and diligence. and I'll ask one of them for a drink. Isaac & Rebekah: Reflections On Genesis 24. Questions for Reflection and Discussion – Genesis 24 Date: October 26, 2018 Author: HAT 0 Comments The text we’re studying for Sunday, October 28, is Genesis 24 , and in particular the sections of the narrative that focus on what Rebekah does and says. The next morning they got up, and the servant told Rebekah's mother and brother, "I would like to go back to my master now. Please keep your promise to him and let me find a wife for Isaac today. ", But the servant asked, "What if the young woman I choose refuses to leave home and come here with me? Rebekah ran straight home and told her family everything. We have a place where you and your men can stay, and we also have enough straw and feed for your camels.". Now all families may not see it the same, some may disagree due to personal preferences or cultural/tribal misgivings but eventually, they will have to make way where the match is truly by God’s hand. Genesis 9:24. Scripture: Genesis 24 Reflection: As we start into another week we once more return to God's earliest dealings with humanity and look at the working out of His Covenant with Abraham. You have led me to his relatives and kept your promise to him.". Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It once again shows that she wasn’t just some property being forcefully sent off by her family, she actually wanted to go. There's no need for you to keep on standing outside. When we read the creation account in Genesis 1 we typically focus on what it says about us, that is, about the world of creation and our place in it. Genesis 24 WEEK 11 Genesis 24 . Genesis 3:24. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Although Rebekah told her mother’s household, men were not isolated from the process either as evidenced in the role played by her brother Laban (vs. 29-31). c. O LORD God of my master Abraham, please give me success this day : As Abraham’s servant arrived at his master’s ancestral city, he first had a practical concern, to water his camels . 24 Abraham was now very old, and the Lord had blessed him in every way. gone into days. Sometimes things have the appearance of godliness but no form/substance, like a shadow (II Timothy 3:1-9). The question regarding the length of the days of creation arises especially in connection with the new geological sciences that appeared in the century before Darwin. Enjoy! Genesis 2:24. We see the servant praying to God for direction and success. Since it is a single verse, it should not be expected to be an exhaustive treatment of the subject of marriage, yet as the apex of the story, it should tell us some essential things about that institution.