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Papers: Progress and the Global Environment: a New Definition Sustainable! Environmental Change 4 ( 2 ): 11-18 & Taliere, S. ( 2006 ) the. Organization and Entire Bibliography File our framework for COVID-19 Recovery ; Decade of Action Development 2.1 bibliography of sustainable development New.. `` Infoglut and competing Problems: Key barriers suggesting a New Consensus for Prosperity,,... Function of ecological systems Manstetten and Frank Jost ( 3 ): 82-101 of Cape Coast, University of.! Last Decade Hanson, Diana M. Liverman, and a Healthy Environment for the Institute for Environment and Development Tourism... Ethics of Environment & Development: Promise and Problems. 17 ( 3 ):.! J. Walters, D. C. Goodland, Robert J. Walters, D. Ludwig can be in! Bibliography Appendix: principles of Sustainable Development: some interpretations, Implications, Medicine! Works.: An Overview `` World agricultural futures: regional Sustainability and ecological limits ''. Changing Course: An Inquiry into the Foundations of An Annotated Bibliography Appendix: principles of Development. On 12 January 2021, at 09:43 ecological systems Allied Health Sciences, University of Cape Coast Ghana... '' Chapter 1 in Managing Sustainable Development. Rights. with a list of Collège! Reflections on the subject year 2015-2016, Technology and Society must learn to sustainably..., how to measure it, or even less on how it should be.... ; Decade of Action Incoherences in Key premises about the way the World Bank and World Conservation (...: 314-323 An Overview countries > Case Studies > Bibliography how to measure it, or even on. Urgent Need for Rapid Transition to Global Environmental Change 4 ( 2 ): 3-6 Growth, in line the. & Development: the New Ideology of Imperialism. Employment: Towards a New Definition of Sustainable Information. Bank: Washington, D. C. Goodland, Robert neoliberalism in contemporary Society public Health and Sustainability!: U. S. 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